You don’t need to do a rain dance to make it rain at the Cloud House—sitting in one of its rocking chairs should be enough. The Artist Matthew Mazzotta created the Cloud House, and is installed at Farmer’s Park in Springfield. You just need to sit down on a rocking chair in the house, and the cloud structure on the top will begin to rain.

The structure is built from reclaimed wood in the form of a typical gabled profile, with its two ends completely open. Don’t worry about the wastage of clean water for this artificial rain. The shed-like pavilion is installed with a cloud shaped element that collects rainwater and releases it whenever someone inside the building sits.

This cloud type element is built from recycled materials with an important message to society. Basically, its purpose is to bring awareness about the importance of the natural water cycles on which human life depend on for their existence.

Working principle:

When a person sits on one of the two rocking chairs under the shelter, pressure sensors in the floor are activated.

They trigger pumps to transport water from an underground storage tank up into the cloud, which releases the liquid through tiny holes to simulate rain.

Those person sitting inside can hear the “warm pleasant sound” of the drops hitting the tin roof, and watch the water permeate through the window lintels to feed plants growing in the sills.

The roof has hidden gutters that collect real rainwater, which is funnelled down through the walls to the tank so it gets constantly recycled.

Artist Mazzotta talks about his cloud house:

“Located at Springfield, MO’s largest farmers’ market, CLOUD HOUSE is a poetic counterpoint to the busy market, inviting visitors to a meditative space in which they can slow down, enjoy the fresh edible plants, and listen to the rain on a tin roof. “

Its important to note that, the cloud depends on natural rainwater, so it will not rain during periods of drought.


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