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China finally figured out how to make ballpoint pens investing $9 million


A Chinese steel firm has made a breakthrough in the country famous for replicating just about every technology as soon as it hits the market.

After five years and millions of dollars on research and development, Taiyuan Iron & Steel developed a ballpoint pen. Specifically, the tip of a ballpoint pen and finally china can make its own ball point pens. And that’s a big deal for them.

See, china manufactures 80% of the world’s ball point pens, but surprisingly 90% of their pen tips are imported from Japan because they lack advanced manufacturing technology.

China currently spends about $17 million a year on Japanese steel for ballpoint pens alone. Even the country’s premier complained about it.

On January 21, 2016, the Hong Kong Economic Journal declared:

“The day China can produce a 100% homemade ball pen will be the day it truly qualifies as a first-class industrial power.”

Li Keqiang, Premier of china says,

“That’s the real situation facing us, we cannot make ball point pens with a smooth writing function”

So, after 5 years of trial and error and $9 million initial investment, TISCO (A State owned stainless steel manufacturer) finally figured it out. The company claims that they are ready for the mass production and expects to replace all imported materials in the next coming years.

So your ball point pen may soon become 100% made-in-china.

Source: NowThisFuture


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