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Charge your smartphone with the heat in your coffee

Now, with this Puck-Sized device, you can charge your phone easily with USB Connection cable without electricity.

A Stirling Engine is one of the world’s oldest, having been conceived
in 1816 as a rival to the steam engine. It uses differences in
temperature to drive a piston back and forth, turning a flywheel in the
It’s this engine, albeit a tiny one, that sits inside the onE
Puck you see above, and which allows you to charge your USB-connected
device using nothing but the heat of your coffee cup. Or the cold of
your iced tea. Just place any sufficiently cold or hot object on top of
the onE Puck, and the Stirling engine will kick to life, driving a tiny
Obviously the hotter (or colder) the object, the more
efficient the onE Puck becomes, but it’s designed to generate 5W of
power at a combination of 1,000mA and 5Vdc. That’s standard for a phone
charger, but these are clearly ideal conditions.

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It might generate this
much at peak performance, when you’ve placed a piping hot drink, and
then slowly lose its charging power. There’s an internal battery which
accumulates charge, and delivers it in batches to your connected device,
so it may appear as though it’s not charging at times, but it’ll kick
in eventually.
It’s slow and steady, rather than fast and efficient, and is more of a
novelty than anything else. But as a Kickstarter project, it’s been
successful enough to raise $125,000 with 23 days to spare. If you want
yours, you’ll have to pledge $115 and expect delivery in one year.


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