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Car parking robots to arrange and park cars in Audi factory

Audi has introduced robots that will help the
company keep the cars in order at its plants. These robots are known as
Ray and can carry out their tasks without affecting anyone else.

The two robots are basically part of the initiative that was taken at
Audi’s Ingolstadt plant last month. According to the firm, these are
robots allow for ‘testing systems for the intelligent factory of the
future.’ They do this by taking cars from the production area to the
Ray can even have the cars sorted out into order based upon the
shipping destinations, thus enabling the workers to actually load the
cars onto the railway wagons with much convenience. Audi further added
that it is looking into further applications of these robots.
Professor Dr. Huber Waltl, Board of management member for production
said, “The autonomous transport of our automobiles could allow us to
eliminate long walking distances for our employees and to improve the
ergonomics of their work. Systems like this also have the potential to
significantly increase the efficiency of our processes.”

The robots are being manufactured by Serva Transport Systems and are
also being used for automated concierge service at Düsseldorf Airport
located in Germany. The ones being used at Audi measure 20 x 10 ft. and
come embedded with sensors that can identify the dimensions and position
of a car. 

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The car is then lifted via its wheels up to a height of 3.9
inches and then shifted to storage space that has been pre-determined by
control software of system.
Ray robots can handle cars that have a length of up to 17.4 ft. These
robots wait for a minimum number of cars to be brought to sorting area
for same destination before transporting them to the shipping area.


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