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Candle Powered Heater – Egloo


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Recently a tailor made terracotta dome called Egloo has been introduced. This gadget is basically used to collect heat from burning candles and dissipates that heat into the room at a slower rate. The gadget operates at almost only 10 cents per day and the heat dissipation process carries on even after the candles have stopped burning.
It is presented by Marco Zagaria, a student at academy of Fine Arts in Rome on Indiegogo. Egloo is available for a $80. You can choose between
the different available colors (red, blue, black and beige) or glazed versions for
Egloo constructed with four basic components that includes a base, grill and 2 domes. The candle is positioned on the base and once the candle is lightened, it
heats the domes up. A metallic grill has been introduced into the base for supporting the domes. The grill also lets the air in,
which is quite important for candles to undergo combustion. It is observed that high efficiency is achieved with 4 candles should be used at a time.
Zagaria also said, “The thinner dome, placed centrally on the base,
stores a high rate of heat, that is transferred to the external dome; the
dome’s air intake facilitate the outgoing of the warm air stored between
the covers, allowing thermal exchange with the environment.”

Source: YouTube

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