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Camlet Mount connects your smartphone or tablet to DSLR

The cameras integration with smartphones and tablets has seen many
become normal to the oversized viewfinder provided by such mobile
devices. But such devices can’t compete with dedicated DSLRs cameras when it comes to image quality and features. 
For solving this issue Vancouver-based Camlet Products and New York-based IC Art NY have
created the Camlet Mount to connect a mobile device to your camera.
The Camlet Mount mounts onto a camera through the flash/accessory hot
shoe. The Camlet Mount will hold devices in their protective cases, so
there’s no need to remove them. You then link a smartphone or tablet to
the camera through Wi-Fi (either built-in or through an Eye-Fi memory
card) or a provided cable. 

Although no data or power goes through the
cradle – it’s just a stand. This linkage, however, lets users control
their camera comfortably from a larger screen via a third-party app. The Camlet team hasn’t created its own app, but lists support with
various third party apps, including those from Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus,
Samsung, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon.

solution was to have an interchangeable holder system on the mount…so
users could quickly swap between smartphone- or tablet-sized holders
when needed,” says Camlet Mount creator David Slater. Future versions of
the mount might include a battery pack or wireless charging for
extended use, Slater says.

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For Android devices, the Camlet Mount can connect in the same way you
might attach an external display to your camera, using a supplied
USB-OTG connection cable, which should be compatible with most Canon and
Nikon DSLR’s made in the past six years.
If your camera has built-in
Wi-Fi, then users can also attach their devices wirelessly. This is a
necessity for iOS devices, which don’t allow wired connections. The
current mount only takes tablets up to 8-in in size, with the team
working on an add-on that will take larger tablets, such as the iPad


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