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This app “Achu” knows when you are about to get sick


Hypochondriacs worry if they are or may become seriously ill. When you start feeling sick, you log your symptoms and this app will actually analyzes your symptoms against your fitness data and tell them before that happens.

The ‘Fitbit’ made some crucial acquisitions recently, keeping in mind that it’s one of the leading wearable brands out there, it’s no surprise that some app developers create content exclusively for Fitbit, the latest example being ‘achu’.

According to the press release, it’s supposed to help you avoid getting sick, by tracking your physical condition and comparing it to your personal historical data.

“We realized that there was a significant need for an app that can use the data that we are actively feeding into our health trackers and wearables daily that would really make a difference in predicting our future health, not just seeing what we’ve done in the past,” said Tony Peticca, founder of Datapult.

“Achu uses data from past patterns in our activity that leads to a cold or flu, and enables us to take more control over recognizing those patterns going forward so that we can take the appropriate actions to fight the oncoming illness.”

If the user’s data shows a high risk of recurrent sickness, they are alerted to take a precautionary step to avoid getting sick. On average the American citizen gets sick three times a year.

Based on these facts alone, we feel that Achu will have major implications on the health care industry and save them billions.

Achu compares patterns and data from past readings. So the more data you put in, the more effective it gets it even provides tips to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Although it was created with hypochondriacs in mind, anyone can use it. They are currently in the process of developing a version that works without a health bracelet, using only the health sensors in a smartphone. Our future version will include a coupon function that matches user’s symptoms to a health product.

If the user enters they have cough, they will instantly be sent a digital offer on cough drops at their nearest pharmacy.

Source: NowThisFuture


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