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An 11-year-old boy drew world map from memory

A reddit user bobitis described last week
that an 11-year-old walked into his daughter’s college lecture and drew
this incredible map on the whiteboard completely by memory. 
The strange
detailed diagram doesn’t just represent the overall shape of the continents
in mind-blowing detail, it also shows the political divides of modern
countries and includes those little frozen islands up in the Arctic
Autism is a complex and
poorly-understood disorder that can make it very difficult for people to
communicate and socialize with others, but it can sometimes emphasize
these individuals’ other strengths and talents as well. 
A professor in
New York whose 11-year-old son has autism recently invited him to her
class, where he got up on a chair and drew a detailed, accurate map of
the world completely from memory.

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One of her students took photos of the extraordinary feat, and her father posted them on Reddit.
Source: Reddit


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