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A Streetlight that runs on Wind and Solar Energy

Except for a few cities, most of the cities will let their streetlights
run through the night and waste power in the process. What is the best
way to save power?

You do not leave lights on all night, which is
exactly why we have seen quite a number of teams come up with
streetlights containing solar panels. However, this Spanish team is
planning to take things up a notch or two by coming up with a standalone
streetlight that relies on solar and wind power both.

The project is a joint venture of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
and Elogreen (Spanish startup). The current prototype has a height of 10
meters and comes equipped with an array of LED lighting. The prototype
also sports photovoltaic panels, a battery pack, a wind turbine and an
electronic control system that is responsible for the flow of energy
that takes place between these components.

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The turbine has composite-blades and it springs into action when wind
speed reaches 1.7 meters per second. It executes 10-200 revolutions per
minute and cranks up a power output of 400 watts. There are plans of
incorporating a 2nd gen turbine that will work with an rpm of 10-60 while creating 100 watts in the process.
As per plans, the commercialized version will feature two solar panels
 with a power rating of 100 watts along with an array of Phillips LEDs
that can generate 3500-4000 lumens based upon the model of the
streetlight. The product will also be containing a battery pack which
will reportedly be able to store enough power to keep the light running
for almost 3.5 nights per single charge. 
99 of these lights will be able to relay status updates over UHF to the
central station while working off the grid once every 30 minutes. This
will enable the station staff to take care of any technical problem when
and if it arises. Elogreen has entered into partnership with a number
of Spanish municipalities and has plans of coming up with 700 lights
this year only. 
Let’s wait and see how this light performs once it rolls


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