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A guy built his house with water as a construction material

Water using for a construction purposes has rarely been pursued by scientists and researchers. It has wonderful thermal conductivity and temperature properties, but the only problem is that its liquid, so possibly it
couldn’t be used as construction material in between all the layers of concrete,
iron and glass. But, a Hungarian architect Matyas Gutai has his eyes
firmly set on using water as a construction material in the future. He
has even made a prototype building with water embedded in between. 
The whole story behind the water-as-a-construction-material is to use it in between
different layers of construction for taking advantage of its properties.
Cement, sand and other materials are used just like we did but,
glass sheets/layers and steel are ideal candidates where in between
water could be filled. It stabilizes the thermal condition of the walls
of the house. This is very important as in extreme cold (heat), walls are
the primary reason behind temperature escalation (drop).
has made the first prototype in Kecskemet, South of Budapest the
capital of Hungary. He is the pioneer in this field and received a grant
from EU to complete this project. The ability of water to maintain
temperature in a single source is used to control the temperature of the
whole house. The heated water can also be stored in an external source.
believes his panels are self-sustainable and they can do the same job
as heating. Large buildings with huge glass network can be incorporated
with water and the result will be good energy balance throughout the
building. His idea was inspired from hot air baths in Japan.

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innovation is the key to further work on the clean, green, zero energy
homes. According to Gutai, the current architecture can only go so far
in providing this, so time has come to experiment with newer, unorthodox
materials as well. 
project has been going on for about 8 years as the technology has had
to overcome some genuine issues with the panels. First of all was the
fact that water could freeze, expand and shatter the glass in sub-zero
temperatures. This was rectified by adding certain solute that lowered
the freezing point to acceptable levels. He is also close to finding the
solution to leaking and subsequent flooding of the building complex.
A water house
is one of the ways to use abundant elements for energy-efficient homes.
Although the cost is quite high at the moment, Gutai and party aims to
make it more feasible for commercialization.