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A Functional Hoverboard using four powerful Leaf Blowers

Are you fascinated by the hoverboard but don’t have enough cash to enjoy
this amazing gadget? Check out what this Texas-based guy, Ryan Craven
did and you will understand that with a bit of science and some
tweaking, even you can enjoy a hoverboard. All that is required includes
4 gutted leaf-blowers, sheet of plywood and some gorilla tape.

However, keep in mind that this hoverboard while being neat, won’t let
you move like Marty McFly. The user will simply be standing atop of this
contraption, with it moving where it wants to since steering isn’t
possible owing to absence of friction between the ground and user.

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The pocket of air that is trapped inside the shower liner is used to
keep the gadget afloat in air. So this is the point where we ask you;
would you be willing to ride this amazingly dangerous yet wonderfully
liberating hoverboard? Let us know in the comments section below.


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