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A 3D printed replica made by a girl

Surely 3D printing technology is developing in the world rapidly and we can imagine more and more wonders of the technology on a daily basis now. With 3D Printing you can make anything you want or in your mind.
Jelbee, the user from rddit, made a plan to analyse the 3D printing limits and for doing this she ask her friend’s 3D Printing company for taking a 3D print of her. You will be amazed to see that the 3D print is quite small and weirdly approximately resembles.

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3D printing changes our vision of design and manufacturing. There’s no limit to the objects we can 3D print these days. However, we can’t deny that the technology and
its application, both are brilliantly amazing. 
If you thought 3D printers before this were amazing, you haven’t seen anything yet!