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This woman has 500 plants in her apartment


This woman, Summer Rayne Oakes brings the great outdoors to the city by keeping hundreds of plants in her apartment. Summer Rayne works as an Author, Model and Activist. She also runs Homestead Brooklyn, a website where she gives advice to plant owners. Her first plant that she got there specifically was about seven years ago.

And it’s Ficus Lyrata which is a Fiddle Leaf Fig and she got it, and it totally transformed her apartment. She was pretty much hooked after that. She said,”It was like, Okay, I’m going to get another one. And i don’t think I ever set out for like my place to be a green oasis in the city, but i just realized how i feel around it.”

She also said,” I grew up in the country and i miss it and i don;t have a yard here so. I have really tried to bring nature indoors. ”

Summer Rayne waters her plants with a 150 Foot hose. She figured out a watering scheme for her plants that is pretty tight, so she have like humidity mats, 150-foot hose that really prevents her from having to go back and forth from the sink.

And then she have these things called HydroSpikes that she have set a lot of my plants up with. So they work with capillary action to pull the water in, so they could water themselves at the rate that they want to be watered.

According to Summer Rayne, I would probably spend somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes a day actually watering and then on Sunday, that’s like my big plant day. So i could either spend anywhere from an hour to like eight hours with my plants.

She will start growing food at a community garden soon.

Source: NowThisFuture


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