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This machine lets you turn water into beer at home

Real hipsters don’t just hunt for vintage beer, they make their own, and
that just got a lot easier with the debut of the Beer Bar.
Manufactured by Israel-based SodaStream Interntional, the device allows users
to add sparkling water to a special beer concentrate formula (called
“Blondie”) to create beer at home. The end product has 4.5% alcohol
content and supposedly looks and tastes like any normal beer you’d buy
in the store or at a bar.

“Our core carbonation technology and
distribution infrastructure provide a great platform for us to extend
our business into this emerging category, and we choose to do so with a
dedicated beer brand,” said Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of SodaStream, in a
statement released by the company.

If this all sounds too good to be true,
you need only check out the company’s videos (below) for its sparkling
water maker system that demonstrates how they transform tap water into
carbonated water.

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Nevertheless, even if the system
works as promised, that’s no guarantee that it will be a hit, as beer
aficionados tend to be incredibly picky about the taste of their beer
(in many cases, their attention to detail is not unlike that of a wine


However, the makers of the Beer Bar are taking it slow in terms of
roll out, as it will first only be available from the company’s Germany website
and various brick and mortar retailers in Switzerland. But beer fans
won’t have long to wait, because the Beer Bar is slated to come to
additional markets in late 2016 and 2017.


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