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Sobro Is A Smart Coffee Table With A Built-In Fridge And Music Player


Most of the time, when we are watching our favorite movie or a football match, we don’t want to go kitchen for a drink. So, Sobro Cooler Coffee Table is here to solve this problem of having to actually get your ass off the couch and walk to the fridge every time you want a fresh cold one.

The convenience of having a refrigerator full of beer, water, juice or soda hidden in a drawer inside a sleekly modernistic coffee table is really a blessing for you.

The Sobro’s cofee table also comes with tempered glass top as a touch-sensitive interface that controls everything from the cooler’s temperature to the unit’s Bluetooth speakers including ambient underglow lighting. you don’t need an app to set the fridge to 37 degrees.

It even has four USB ports and two power ports, meaning you no longer have to leave your phone on the floor while you wait for it to charge off an inconveniently placed wall outlet.

The multi-color ambient mood lighting on the bottom matches your jelly fish tank and there are 2 additional storage drawers for your non-perishable magazines and remote controls.

The Sobro is currently available on Indiegogo in white and they’re offering early backers up to a $950 discount off the $1,500 list price.

Source: Fatherly


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