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Ever wondered, why this device is used to create flushing sounds in Japan’s public toilets


Women in Japan are embarrassed by the thought of other women hearing us pee. I know it’s silly and of course everybody pees, but nobody wants to be heard of.

Japanese loos are famous for their high-tech features. To cover the sound of bodily functions, many women in Japan will continuously flush the toilet while using them, wasting a large amount of water.

Even a special education campaign by the Japanese government did not stop women from constantly flushing the toilet

So Japanese toilet maker Toto invented the Sound Princess. The Sound Princess is a small electronic device that when activated creates a loud flushing sound similar to a toilet being flushed.

Some of the newer models even have a timer for how long you think you will need to use it and you can also adjust the volume and it’s exclusively found in ladies’ restrooms.

I shared the story of the Japanese Sound Princess with my Indian colleagues and they were very fascinated by it. They were impressed by Japanese attention to a small but delicate issue.

Some of my Indian friends thought it was silly and their response is just to say “who cares if other’s hear you”, but that was against of Japanese thinking.

Takara Tomy is marketing the device as environmentally friendly, saying that without the Sound Princess function, Japanese women flush the toilet 2.5 times on average to mask bodily sounds. It says using Keitai Otohime can save about 4 gallons of water with each use.

Takara Tomy Arts has said the gadget sold out all 30,000 units soon after its launch last November.

While the company seems flushed with pride, it faces competition from downloadable Japanese iPhone apps that do the same thing as Keitai Otohime. One, developed by Polygon Magic, is called Eco Oto and sells for about $1.20.


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