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This panic button ‘RIPPLE’ can be worn on your clothes


Every government is keen on women’s safety, and why not! We need safety measures to ensure that. So someone came out with a plan.

Florida-based team has designed a small wearable, roughly penny-sized that serves as a sort of panic button called as ‘RIPPLE’. Three clicks of little square Bluetooth device triggers the network, giving the wearer immediate access to emergency services, 24/7, utilizing geolocation to send first responders directly to them.

RIPPLE is a bluetooth connected. So with just one touch it alert’s a trained team of safety specialists, who will call you to make sure you’re alright.

Its purely customizable to your needs. So with three clicks you can activate a pre-programmed response such as calling the poilce or ambulance. And Ripple gives them all your information before they arrive.

Because of its penny size, its discrete. They claim the battery lasts for 6 months. And when you need a new one, replacement is free.

The team is taking to Kickstarter to launch the device, offering the product up for $129.

Source: NowThisFuture


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