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This Hydro-Kinetic System Generates Power In Slowest Water Streams


As we know, with increasing population we need great amount of energy for fulfilling of our basic needs to sustain life. Only fossils fuels are not going to help us, we require non-renewable energy resources like solar technology.

This newly designed hydro-generator can produce energy from even the slowest moving water stream waves easily. “Waterotor” is an anchored Hydro-kinetic system. Creators say it can catch 30% of energy in slow-moving waters.

Even from streams traveling as slow as 1.5 MPH. Providing energy to those living off of a central grid. Water is way denser than air. 3 MPH of ocean current has the kinetic energy of 240 MPH winds.

And since oceans are 70% of Earth’s surface, that’s potential 2 quadrillion watts hours per year. This generator can be very beneficial for those areas whose water level is too less.

You might all be thinking about its effect on aquatic life. But don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the lives of aquatic animals. So, the next time you are looking for a better energy solution, it might be as easy as a walk to the creek.

Hydro-kinetic energy is a great source of power we can use. I just loved it. Fore more information, Have a look on this video.


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