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Now easily learn particle physics with this new children’s book


We might all of us, have read basic physics and common elements in our childhood age. But in this modern era of world, our children are blessed to understand these things in an interesting way.

Yes, i am talking about the new children’s book ‘ABC’s of Particle Physics‘ by Lauren Biron and Chris Smith from our national labs. It will hopefully make the things particle physics easier to digest.

It is availableonline for free as an animated or non-animated webpage, downloadable pdf, or a board book that you can buy and test you on your knowledge in the most adorable way.

The authors Lauren Biron and Chris Smith try their best to run you through the basics of physics and despite what the title implies, there’s a whole lot more here than just particles.

Seriously who doesn’t want to sit down with their child or fully-grown adult friend and read lines like:

K is for kaons, with quarks that are strange.

L is for leptons, which have a wide range

The online pages covers from A to Z, the massive stuff like black holes, magnets, supernovae, galaxies, Universe inflation and even you. Also the important aspects about laws of physics, like the forces and oscillations that affect the tiniest building blocks of matter.

Look at how adorable this stuff is:

Check out more at animated or non-animated webpage, download the pdf here, and for US$10.99, you can buy the physical book.

Source: Symmetry Magazine, Gizmodo


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