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A new paper-based test can determine blood type in 30 seconds


Due to heavy traffic now a days on roads, accident cases are increasing day by day. For that situation, urgent requirement of blood and then checking the samples for blood group and diseases, will definitely a time consuming process.

Now, Scientists have developed a cheap, easy paper strip based test to determine a patient’s blood type with nearly perfect accuracy in a matter of seconds. This new technique is able to find whether a person is type A, B, or O in just 30 seconds, and determine the blood type in full detail in just two minutes.

They use a paper-based test, and without the help of any specialized equipment or training, the blood group of the patient and the donor can be tested with 99% accurate results.

This ensures quicker verification of blood in life-or-death situations, especially in the far-fetched lands while it will also ease up the demand for type O in hospitals and blood banks.

This was tested on 3,550 blood samples, and the researchers concluded that the technique could give results with two simple steps. To test whether the blood is disease free and has a matching blood type, the technique involves using chemical reactions between blood serum proteins and common dye.

The blood is dropped on the test strip containing antibodies recognizing blood types, while the strip changes color to teal if the blood group contains any antigen while it turns brown if it doesn’t.

Dr. Hong Zhang, of Third Military Medical University, said:

“The rapid turnaround time of the test could be ideal for resource-limited situations, such as war zones, remote areas, and during emergencies.”

The research is published under the journal, Science Translational Medicine, DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaf9209


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