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New Material Provides you an Elastic “Second Skin”


Researchers from MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, Living Proof and Olivio Labs have created a new material that mimics the largest organ of the body. This elastic polymer can act as a second skin.

The material is a silicone-based polymer that can be applied as a thin film of coating which copies the elastic properties and mechanics of youthful skin. It can temporarily protect and tighten skin, and smooth wrinkles.

With further development, it could also be used to deliver drugs to help treat skin conditions. Scientists have explored the uses of this new material and have found that it was able to reshape eye bags and can also act as skin hydration.

Aside from cosmetic applications, with further development, the new polymer can even be used as a method of drug introduction into the body.

The scientists declared that there is a possibility that the new medium can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and other forms of dermatitis. According to Scitech Daily, it can also be used in the future as a more effective and longer lasting form of ultraviolet radiation protection.

According to Daniel Anderson, an ssociate professor at MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering, this new polymer is an invisible layer acts as a barrier, provide cosmetic improvement and drug delivery medium to an area of the body that is being treated.

This research is published under the Publication: Betty Yu, et al., “An elastic second skin,” Nature Materials 15, 911–918 (2016) doi:10.1038/nmat4635

Sources: MIT News, Scitechdaily


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