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This New App Makes You Look Better In Your Selfies


The future of selfie photography is here by automatically  enhancing your selfies using Artificial Intelligence to flattering portraits with these smartphone editing app tools powered by Adobe Sensei.

Adobe research team have been exploring the future of selfie photography by packing artificial intelligence and deep learning tools into smartphones.

Amazon touts Alexa, Google has its Assistant, Microsoft has Cortana. But at Adobe, an often overlooked player in this contest, it’s all about Sensei.

Sensei is a series of AI services and a voice-powered virtual assistant being added to Creative Cloud (formerly Creative Suite) apps and services like Photoshop and Premiere.

It includes effects like isolating the object, applying the style of a different photo to yours. Manipulating your selfie like it was taken with a different lens and blurring the background. Because smartphone lenses are nowhere near this level.

Sensei might be the best photo editing tool for that profile pic. Basically, this means you could be able to transform an unfortunate selfie into a profile picture-worthy snap.

Source: NowThisFuture


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