Home Technology These leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles

These leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles


We care about the nature. We respect the environment. We value skin-friendly fabrics. For these reasons, we have created our new collection of  leggings from recycled and regenerated plastic bottles.

Girlfriend collective gathers used water bottles in Taiwan and through a Recycling process turns them into Polyester yarn and fabric.

Girlfriend collective’s goal is to transform ‘Fast Fashion’. That often harms the environment and mistreats workers. So while the environment benefits and consumers get a High-end fit and feel, workers are being paid at 125% the local minimum wage.

They have the right to unionize and work in safe conditions that prevent forced child labor. So far, Girlfriend collective has turned plastic bottles into leggings.

Creating these new tights we had several goals:

  • New lengths – for the first time we have 3/4 length tights
  • New colours – darker and more modest colours have been frequently asked for
  • Recycled materials – the new leggings definitely had to be made out of recycled polyester.

When the first two goals were easily achievable, the third and most important one started to look like a challenge for us. Not only did we want recycled fabric, but especially the PET-marked and processed from plastic bottles. We went looking for it to Paris to a fabric convention, mingled, did a little research and finally found what we were looking for.

Initially there is nothing new about recycling plastic bottles to fabric. What is new tho, is the wider selection of different fabrics available in the market now. Thanks to new advanced technology, it is possible to recycle plastic bottles into yoga- and sportswear, outdoor clothing and even denim.

These new leggings have the following unique features:

  • Made out of recycled plastic bottles
  • Have PET-markings
  • Have flat-lock comfortable stitches
  • Have a high waistband
  • Available in both 3/4 and full-length
  • Made out of lasting fabric
  • Breathing
  • Easily drying
  • Stretchy and hold tight against the body

We want to be more special than just another clothing company. We choose our fabrics wisely and create our own designs. We design our prints and patterns by hand. Our seamstresses are from Estonia and all the production takes place right here as well.

An Estonian loves the real deal, an Estonian deserves the real deal. So we contribute more deeply and thoroughly. Estonia is way too small to just make ordinary, harmful to the environment and non-skin friendly clothes.


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