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This keyboard hand-heater will keep your fingers warm during chilly winters


During chilly cold days working or playing at the computers, we usually wrap up in sweaters or blankets, but unfortunately our hands need to be free for pressing keys at the keyboard, especially when you have to do those mouse clicks.

Now, a couple of self-confessed Denmark geeks came up with Envavo Heatbuff, a device that will keep your hands nice and toasty while you aim for those head-shots in Counter Strike.

The Heatbuff is a small heater sitting just above your keyboard using infrared short waves. The waves keep your hands and fingers at a bearable temperature without heating the unit or the keyboard.

This infrared heater keeps the temperature at a nice and toasty range of 20° and 30° C (68° and 86° F) while not heating up its own frame, which means you can keep working at a comfortable temperature without the risk of burning your hands if you happen to brush against the unit.

The Envavo team says the device can be angled however you like, to warm up both hands, assuming you keep them both on the keyboard. This plug and play device is supposes to be fairly energy-efficient, running at between 2 and 300 watts. The team also says it operates quietly and is easy to pack up and move, if need be.

Its creators say the idea to develop this device came up to them, while losing an online game of Counter Strike. They are currently seeking funding for the Heatbuff on Kickstarter, where it’s already more than doubled its goal of DKK75,000 (US$11,000).

Source: Newatlas


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