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Keep your phone conversations private by wearing this new voice muffler


We often pick phones in public and tries at low voice pitch because of surrounding strangers. There are few things more annoying than someone eavesdropping on your conversation, forcing you to either whisper to go out. To tackle this problem, Hushme is a device that will keep your phone conversations private.

This device looks like a funny looking face mask, that muffles the sound of your voice so no other person can hear it. It comes with a mask and a pair of earbuds that comes with bluetooth connectivity.

The mask is covered in a couple of thick cushion pads that muffle your voice. External speakers are also embedded in the device that produces a variety of sounds to make sure not even a hint of your conversation goes out.

You can easily wear this mask around your neck like a pair of headphones and just drag it to your mouth to take a call anywhere, even in public places.

The mask attaches to your face with the help of two powerful magnets. We cannot say much about the comfort or how suffocated would a person feel while wearing the mask.

We have yet to see how well the Hushme serves its intended customers. It is sure to make your look something like Bane, and you can even choose to produce super villain sounds from the speakers like the Darth Vader breath.

There are variety of options available like wind, ocean, rain, birds, monkey, squirrel, and laughing Minion. You can even choose your mask from a variety of colors.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of getting an earmuff to stay focused while your annoying coworkers rumbles around uselessly, strap your Hushme over their mouths and get on with your work.

The product appeared at the  but it’s not commercially available yet. The world’s first voice mask for mobile phone will appear in a Kickstarter campaign this May and you may be able to get one by the end of this year. The cost price of this beautiful device is expected to $200.


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