This gadget allows you to kiss your long-distance lover


Long-distance relationships are difficult because not only is your lover completely removed from your day-to-day life, but you have absolutely zero possibility of tangible physical intimacy.

People who are in a long-distance relationship, you guys will understand how difficult it is to maintain it. This unique and unusual gadget, ‘Kissenger’, bears an oval silicon “lip” at the bottom.

The idea is that you can share a kiss with your loved one even while you are away from each other. Device’s high precision force sensors calculate lip movements the miniature linear actuators tries to replicate those movements using the pad.

The Kissenger pairs with a messaging app that lets a user send a kiss, so when one is sent, it measures pressure on different parts of the sender’s lips to replicate that exact kiss on the recipient’s Kissenger. The lip part of the device is made of silicon.

I don’t think it would feel as nice as a regular kiss, but hey, who knows. Maybe a cold silicon device pushing against your lips would feel good if you knew it came from a loving place.


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