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Ford Made A Baby Crib Simulating Car Ride So Your Baby Can Sleep


Ford has proven that their innovation is not just limited to vehicles, by developing a new type of infant crib that mimics car ride motions to help babies get to sleep.

Most babies and many adults as well, fall asleep most easily when they are a passenger in a car. It was created by Spanish design studio Espada y Santa Cruz in collaboration with Ford.

The high-tech Max Motor Dreams baby crib allows you to record your baby’s favorite car ride and then simulates it on their customized crib. The effect is completed with the revving of the engine, vibrations, a brilliant LED streetlight simulator, and soft to and fro movements.

Parents can control all the effects of the Max Motor Dreams by using an app on their phone, from the comfort of their own bed.

According to Ford, new parents lose an average of 44 days of sleep in the first year of a child’s life, due to late-night wake up calls from their newborns.

The crib is just a single prototype so far, but Ford will actually put this into production if they get a high enough demand. I think I’ll request Ford to make one for a full sized bed as well.


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