This is Drive Market, a drive-thru grocery store concept


Why did Subway decide to offer a drive-thru window option to customers? Because drive thru windows are a very lucrative source of money for restaurants. It’s especially beneficial for stores that have limited parking space.

Similarly with the same drive-thru concept, the future of supermarket is here. The grocery store is just like a gas station.

You drive into the market and park at one of several shopping stations. From there, you can scroll through the store’s entire inventory right from your seat.

While you shop, a cashier rings up and bags the items for you. The payment is done within seconds though credit/debit cards. All in all, the whole process would take less than 5 minutes.

On a separate floor, a few workers would be able to manage all the inventory in real time. While a high tech ventilation system would suck up exhaust to keep the air clean.

A patent for the concept was recently filed by Russian inventor Semenov Dahir Kurmanbievich.


Video Credits: Futurism


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